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Guest Experience Management

Regardless of the size and category of your property, whether an independent hotel or part of an international chain, virtually all decision makers in the hospitality industry have come to view their GEM capabilities and performance as a strategic imperative. GEM has become an essential guidepost for competing in today’s hypercompetitive market environment.

Guest Communication


ButlerPad is all about removing “friction” from your guests interactions across all parts of your property. We will help you to recognise their preferences and enable relevant and personalised interactions that make them feel special and appreciated.


We remove the complexity of hotel staff charged with managing, prioritising, routing and responding to the constant flood of requests and complaints pouring in through a myriad of channels and touch points.

By centralising all guest requests and dispatching them direct to the relevant department or individual, you will increase operational efficiencies, reduce wait times and increase accountability and transparency through digital paper trails.

While Google Maps, Yelp and other mobile apps have decreased guest reliance on the concierge, today’s concierges still play a valuable role in enhancing the guest experience. We provide them with the tools to share their local knowledge and communicate with guests.

Hotels using ButlerPad™

Integrating local experiences to differentiate your hotel

Today’s travelers want more than just a place to stay; they want to truly connect with the destination. CityButler is customised for each hotel and guest profile to deliver activities that allow guests to experience the destination in a way that goes beyond what’s typically found in tourist guides

Marketing Suite

Location Based Marketing

There are many marketing opportunities that open up for hotels using ButlerPad. For example, using geo-fences to send a message to guest's when they arrive at the airport welcoming them to your country and wishing them a pleasant drive to the hotel, this will wow your guests but also alert you to their pending arrival.

Push Messages

SPA deals, restaurant offer or just something happening within the hotel can be sent as a push message to all guests or just those within the hotel. A majority of guests are happy to receive offer but you can even ask them to subscribe to offers that interest them making every campaign far more targeted resulting in higher conversions.

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